The Linda Hall Library has joined the Twinning scheme, granting their resources to all Ukrainian twinned institutions.

The Linda Hall Library is an independent library founded in 1946 and located in Kansas City (US). The Library owns two main collections: the History of Science Collection, focused on the science, technology, and engineering disciplines, with documents dating from the mid-fifteenth century up to now (including in digitised formats), and the General Collection, in areas such as astronomy, astrophysics, physics, mathematics, the life sciences, all forms of engineering, and various technologies. These materials are collected in 82 languages, including Ukrainian.

ТAs part of the twinning process, we link the chief librarians at the UK and Ukrainian institutions, to allow the Ukrainian partner to access academic resources through arrangements put in place by SCONUL (the UK University Librarian Association). If this has already happened with your twin, then Ukrainian academics will need to choose Linda Hall Library through Rapid when making their requests. Rapid is the system used by Linda Hall and SCONUL to convert the holdings of international institutions available to Ukrainian universities ( These requests will be filled as quickly as possible and all copyright and/or processing fees will be waived. If Ukrainian scholars are not working with SCONUL (through their UK Twin), the Linda Hall Library may be contacted directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All of Linda Hall’s public domain materials are available via our online catalog that may be accessed on our website For materials under copyright protection or that have restricted access, patrons are welcome to request a virtual library card to enable access to those materials via Controlled Digital Lending (CDL). Access may be requested by contacting our reference department. Alternatively, patrons can apply for a patron account at

The Library’s collection of digital materials may be found at: LHL Digital Collection. Digitization of undigitized materials may be requested after a patron account has been created.

Lastly, the Library is offering one Virtual Fellowship in their next application cycle (autumn 2022) for a Ukrainian scholar.

For further information you can visit the Linda Hall Library’s website linked above, or follow their guidance on YouTube

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