Specialty: Industrial machinery engineering

Branch of knowledge: Mechanical engineering

Educational Degrees: bachelor, master, PhD

Forms of Education: full time and part-time

    Educational period:
  • for bachelors - 4 years in full-time and part-time form;
  • for masters - 1 year and 4 months on full-time and correspondence forms of study;
  • For PhD - 4 years.
  • Educational Degree – Bachelor
    Educational program – " Exploitation of port handling equipment"
  • Educational Degree – Masters
    Educational program – "Exploitation of port technological equipment"
  • Production engineer of reloading terminals
  • Engineer on the supervision of the operation of lifting-transport vehicles
  • Engineer for the mechanization and automation of production processes
  • Engineer for the complete set of technological lines of transshipment complexes
  • Engineers of all levels in the field of mechanization

Video presentation of specialty Industrial machinery engineering

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