Educational and Scientific Marine Engineering and Technical Institute, (METI) began its life journey on September 1, 2022. METI was founded on the basis of the three oldest faculties, which had the names: "Faculty of Port Engineering", "Hydrotechnical Faculty " and "Shipbuilding Faculty". All three were founded in the first half of the last century and trained engineers for almost the entire spectrum of the marine industry. Now about half a thousand applicants of three levels of higher education are studying at METI: bachelor's, master's and PhD.

METI prepares mechanical engineers, specialty 133 "Industrial machinery engineering", whose activities include ensuring the high-performance work of transshipment equipment, its technical maintenance, increasing the reliability, efficiency and safety of port equipment, developing new designs of machines and technologies of transhipment processes.

Hydrotechnical engineers receive the knowledge necessary for the construction of seaports and waterways, wave protection, ship lifting and coastal port structures, special hydraulic structures for the development of the continental shelf and protection of the coast from the destructive effects of waves. Such preparation is carried out at METI under the specialty 194 "Сoastal, port and оffshore construction, water engineering and water technologies".

Construction professionals are needed in the fields of design, construction, reconstruction and technical retooling of structures. Such opportunities are open to students of specialty 192 " Building and civil engineering".

Architects are needed in the modern construction market for the creation of fresh ideas, the competent implementation of building and construction projects, both at sea and on land. Specialty 191 "Architecture and urban planning" for the training of architects introduces a new approach to design activity, turning it into an artistic and technical process of solving tasks, taking into account the trends of modern fashion and the consumer market. This is, in addition to town planning, landscape architecture of the coastal zone, islands, and the design of tourist and recreational facilities.

The Latin proverb "Salum et carinae pignora vitae" means "The sea and the ship give life." Ships also get life from shipbuilding engineers, who are trained at our METI in the specialty 135 "Shipbuilding". Our graduates work on the development of projects of large and small, slow-speed and high-speed vessels, solve complex and specific issues of repair and modernization of various types of vessels and other means of ocean development.

Director of Marine Engineering and Technical Institute
Ph.D., Docent of Department “Ship Theory and Design named after prof. Vorobyev Yu.L.” of Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine, MRINA

Opening hours

Monday - friday: 8.30 - 17.30

technical break: 12.00 - 13.00


65029, Odessa, 34 Mechnikova str., room 118 old corp., ONMU

tel.: + 38 (0482) 34-94-11

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