Welcome Addresses
Co-chair of the Research Center Council,
Director of Institute of Sociology,
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Prof. Chen Guangjin

25 years ago, People’s Republic of China established the diplomatic relations with Ukraine. 25 years’ time; we developed our friendships and promoted our communications in many fields. In September 2016, I was glad to visit Ukraine with my colleagues, from Kiev to Odessa we felt a unique Ukraine. Though thousands ‘history, Silk way created spring of friendship, communication and cooperation, until today the light of wisdom.

Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the Silk Road Economic Belt and the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road initiative,The spirit of friendship and cooperation, which is represented by the Silk Road,Jointly promote Infrastructure connectivity new Silk Road along countries and Prosperity and development.

In ancient Greece,Odessa is an important trade channel on the Black Sea coast,and is an important node in the silk road. For thousands of years,in silk way along countries people exchanges and mutual learning,To convey the spirit of friendship, cooperation and the spirit of civilization,As the silk road ahead and laid the foundation of the spirit.

I hope that our cooperation with Odessa National Maritime University will create good results.

Welcome Addresses
Co-chair of the Research Center Council,
Rector of ONMU,
DSc., Prof. Sergii Rudenko

In January 2017, it was 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the People's Republic of China. During this time, Odessa National Maritime University has achieved significant success in cooperation with higher educational institutions and enterprises of the People's Republic of China. Today, students from the People's Republic of China studying at the ONMU, students from the ONMU studying in the Chinese universities on the double diploma program, participate in partial studies at the Shanghai Maritime University, and 8 agreements on cooperation in the educational and scientific spheres with the universities of China.

Especially I want to mark our cooperation with the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, on the initiative of which we have opened a joint Ukrainian-Chinese In English: Research Center of Social Development of “the Belt and Road” along countries and each year we hold scientific conferences devoted to the problems of the New Silk Road.

West and East, ancient world and Chinese civilization - Great Silk Road - the symbol of their relations. The Great Silk Road - truly evidence about unthinkable level of international relations, relations from seashore Mediterranean Sea to the Big China flatland. Exchange of mental and social values – the highest achievement of working Great Silk Road.

Researches of questions, which associate with New Silk Road, are important scientific mission today.

I hope that our further cooperation with the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences will be another step in the Ukrainian-Chinese scientific cooperation and join Ukraine into the New Silk Road.

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