Specialty: Business, trade and exchange activities

Branch of knowledge: Management and administration

Educational level: Bachelor

Educational program: Business

Educational level: Master

Educational program: Entrepreneurship activity in maritime transport

Educational levels: PhD

Educational program: Business, trade and exchange activities

Forms of Education: full time and part-time

    Educational period:
  • for bachelors - 4 years in full-time and part-time form;
  • for masters - 1 year and 4 months on full-time and correspondence forms of study;
  • For PhD - 4 years.
  • owner, manager, director, manager of shipping, stevedoring, logistic and freight forwarding, crewing companies;
  • Head, Director, Manager in the administration of seaports, other enterprises of maritime transport, state and regional government, investment consulting firms, commercial enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership.

Video presentation of specialty Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity

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