Specialty: 275 Тransport technologies (sea and river transport)

Field of knowledge: 27 Transport

Educational program:
Customs support of transport processes

Forms of education: full-time and distance learning

    Term of education:
  • 4 years by full-time education and by distance learning

The name of the specialization, agree, sounds proudly!

The obligatory step that the cargo passes in the international transport is the customs clearance. The customs clearance is taken charge of customs authorities, but the declarants (owners of goods or customs brokers) are involved in the declaration, preparation and submission of documents to the customs clearance department. With the gradual increase of foreign trade deliveries of goods into Ukraine, there is appeared a constant need for a significant number of the specialists with knowledge of customs. Such professionals have been and remain valuable to employers at all times. As far as the officials of the customs service of Ukraine such the declarants, customs brokers, employees of enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity should have special knowledge and skills in the customs sphere.

Taking into consideration the demand of these professions in the labor market, the specifics of Odessa National Maritime University, this specialization was created. The right choice of the profession is the self-reliance; peace of mind and material well-being in the adult life.

Direction of education: Training of qualified, competitive, innovation-oriented specialists who have knowledge in the field of customs and are able to effectively, using theoretical knowledge, practical skills, taking charge of the professional activities in the customs field.

Educational features: The professional competencies of future graduates are formed by studying practice-oriented academic disciplines, with the provision of the opportunity to obtain and consolidate practical skills not only in the classrooms of the university, but also in the customs authorities, in the organizations which provide the services related to the implementation of customs formalities when moving goods through the customs border of Ukraine.

In the process of education, students take part in the field trips to the port, to the customs terminal, enterprises. They take an active part in business games, master classes, and trainings conducted by lecturers - practitioners in customs clearance.

With us you will be plunged into the modern process of customs clearance! With our lecturers - experts in customs, you will learn life hacks from leading experts in the customs field.

Professional implementation of graduates:the declarants, heads of customs brokerage, forwarding enterprises, participants in foreign economic activity, specialists in the implementation of customs procedures, customs officials, customs administration specialists.

Competence of graduates: our graduates have the knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • in the application of the forms and methods of organizing of the enterprise activities in the implementation of customs formalities;
  • in the preparation of documents which are necessaries for customs control and clearance of goods, as well as vehicles when moving across the customs border;
  • in the use of information technology in customs declaration and customs control;
  • in the processes of analysis of typical situations in the field of customs, as well as in the processes of making appropriate management decisions;
  • in the field of identification of goods in order to detect falsification and counterfeiting of certain groups of goods for customs purposes.
  • in the organization of customs clearance and customs control of goods;
  • in the placement of goods in customs regimes;
  • in the calculation of customs payments;
  • in carrying out customs control;
  • in electronic declaration, application of international standards of customs administration and customs control.

Employment for graduates: You will receive employment opportunities in the divisions of the Customs Service of Ukraine, in the logistics departments of production and trading companies, in freight forwarding, customs and brokerage organizations; to management positions of enterprises and organizations of the marine transport.

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