Since 2019, students of any specialty of ONMU can simultaneously receive studies at ONMU to get a diploma of the Higher School of Business (Poland) in the specialty MANAGEMENT (bachelor's and master's degrees).

    The following specializations are possible:
  • enterprise management
  • marketing and sales,
  • management and psychology in business,
  • quality control,
  • project management
  • information security management,
  • logistic management.

Master's program lasts at ONMU is 1.5 years, at WSB - 2 years. Students go to WSB after the end of 3 semesters, one time for the entire period of study (2 weeks).

Bachelor's program lasts at ONMU - 4 years, at WSB - 3 years. Students come to WSB 3 times for the entire period of study in the 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters. They are about 2 weeks each time, they study 5-6 disciplines during this period.

The cost of training is 300 euros per semester (1200 euros for the entire period of study for masters and 1800 euros for bachelors). The student also pays a one-time entrance fee - 150 euros.

The cost of training includes Polish courses that will be organized for students who wish to participate in the program at the Center for Inter-University Education from September.

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