The International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU: ai-ei-em-ju:) is the global network of leading maritime universities (65) and The Nippon Foundation providing Maritime Education and Training of seafarers for the global shipping industry.

    All members of IAMU share the understanding:
  • that globalization has been progressing rapidly in the international shipping arena;
  • that Safety, Security and Environmental Protection are crucial issues for the maritime sector; and
  • that passing on maritime skills and knowledge to the following generations needs to be achieved on a global scale.
    All members of IAMU also recognize the significance of maritime education and training and note that:
  • the shipping industry is a service industry, in which human resources are the critical element;
  • it is only feasible to secure and to preserve highly qualified human resources in the maritime industries through effective education and training; and
  • effective education and training in the maritime sector derives from scientific and academic rigor and development of a clear link between practical skills, management techniques and a focus on quality

Research Projects

The research project system has been renewed for 1 April 2018 by launching a new research project system in order to sustain IAMU activities by passing on maritime knowledge and skills to subsequent generations among IAMU member universities. To obtain these goals, the IAMU research project system is divided into two frameworks: one for all academic staff and another only for young academic staff.

Referees system

Since FY2010, the IAMU has launched a research project system (supported by The Nippon Foundation) to bring about further progress in capacity building among the IAMU member universities. Accordingly, the evaluation system for IAMU research projects including evaluation of research proposals, costs and selection of referees has been discussed in the International Executive Board (IEB) meetings since FY2016. In accordance with the following criteria, the system has more than 150 referees.

    Each referee for evaluation of research proposals or final reports shall:
  • Be a senior academic staff member or an early career researcher* nominated by the President/Representative of the member university to which the referee belongs; and
  • Have a record of at least three (3) international research publications (editorial contributions are also preferred).
    *An early career researcher is deemed to be one who has:
  • Been awarded a PhD within the preceding 10 years
  • An established record of journal publications (with preference to international publications); and
  • A full-time academic position with both teaching and research responsibilities.
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