Specialty: Computer Science and Information Technology

Branch of knowledge: Information Technology

Educational Degree: Bachelor

Educational program: Digital Technologies in Trade and Entrepreneurship

Forms of Education: full time and part-time

    Educational period:
  • for bachelors - 4 years in full-time and part-time form;

Almost every modern person actively uses the global network (Internet) to search and process various information using a personal computer or your favorite gadget. Today it is difficult to imagine life without computer technology. No branch of human activity can do without modern information technologies, which occupy an increasingly important place in all spheres of human activity.

The dependence of man on information has created a huge market for information technology, which continues to grow rapidly. As of 2014, the total global IT market exceeded two trillion US dollars. The most dynamic segment of the global IT market is software, in which the strategic direction is the integration of cloud technologies, analytics of large volumes of data, mobile devices and social networking technologies into the corporate environment.

Demand for IT services is provided by the growing variety and complexity of corporate IT systems used, which require high costs for development, implementation and maintenance, leading to great demand for IT staff.

Choosing a program "Computer Science", you provide your present and future. Education in the program "Computer Science" is designed to provide a comprehensive set of fundamental knowledge that provides graduates with the freedom to choose their future specialization.

Since 2020, the educational program "Digital Technologies in Trade and Entrepreneurship" has been founded on the program "Computer Science".

An educational program in computer science and entrepreneurship prepares its graduates for the successful solution of the analytical and technical problems that they will face in their future work for teamwork and the business environment in which they will work; and for all aspects of opening new innovative enterprises or new projects in organizations. The program includes in-depth theoretical study, current practice and practical experience in project development.

The unique curriculum is based at a critical moment in the history of computer science, when it is clear that technological development is changing the structure of our work, leisure and life. Along with the familiar and established content of the computer science program, students will go through the stages of the entrepreneurial process, expressed both in practice and in research.

Combine your passion for computer science with your entrepreneurial tendencies in our innovative program. The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on the degree of business entrepreneurship gives students the opportunity to plan, develop and optimize technology, instilling a wide range of skills in project management and entrepreneurial activity.

Program Highlights

The program prepares its graduates for a career in technology and software development, entrepreneurship and provides them with a solid foundation for further master and doctoral degrees.

The program will provide students with practical tools and skills for creating prototypes of innovative technology products, as well as for developing a business plan under the guidance of leading mentors of the Ukrainian startup community, entrepreneurs and investors.

    In the process of teaching you will learn:

  • operating systems of the Windows family, Unix (linux)
  • basics of programming and algorithmic languages;
  • object-oriented programming (C ++, C #, Java, Pyton)
  • web technologies (HTML + CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET)
  • engineering and computer graphics (2D, 3D)
  • parallel and distributed programming, GRID computing;
  • system programming and operating systems;
  • organization of databases and knowledge (DBMS: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Interbase, SQLite, object-oriented DBMS)
  • development of software for mobile devices (Android, iOS)
  • system administration (Windows Server, Unix, virtualization)
  • structure and programming of computer networks;
  • computer circuitry;
  • computer architecture;
  • modeling systems and system analysis;
  • methods and means of computer information technology;
  • methods and means of information protection;
  • basics of designing artificial intelligence systems;
  • pattern recognition and neural networks, etc.
  • entrepreneurship
  • commercial entrepreneurship
  • financial entrepreneurship
  • Internet marketing
  • economics, business and startups
  • business analytics
  • motivation and incentives in business
  • consulting
  • accounting and taxation
  • potential and development of the enterprise

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