Specialty: 125 Cybersecurity

Field of study: 12 Information technologies

Educational program: Cybersecurity in Water transportation infrastructure

Cybersecurity in Water transportation infrastructure

Forms of study: full-time

Term of study: 4 years

In the era of a giant explosion of information technology that goes throughout our lives, the protection of personal information, support for the sustainable operation of public and private information systems, and the ability to detect and counter various cyber threats are essential.

In today's world, almost all of us use services based on IT, from buying a ticket on the railway and ending to multibillion-dollar transactions. Therefore, the protection of such information systems comes to the fore. And businesses invest a lot of resources to protect existing assets and not only to earn new ones.

A cybersecurity specialist is one of most significant figures in the enterprise. Sometimes the future of the entire organization depends on the specialist's knowledge level.

A cybersecurity specialist is a highly educated person with knowledge of the secrets of the global information space, system management and programming languages, and analytical skill of large data sets.

The educational program "Cybersecurity in Water transportation infrastructure" contains a complete cycle of disciplines that provide modern methods of information technology, databases, and their administration, cryptography, and steganography, digital forensics, and comprehensive information security systems.

Students, in addition to subjects of specialty, have the opportunity to get acquainted with the features of the infrastructure of water transport (port companies, shipping companies, stevedoring companies). This education allows you to start working effectively in companies, in most cases, from the first step.

Upon graduation, specialists can achieve the following positions:

  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • System administrator
  • Software Developer
  • Administrator/developer of databases
  • IT project manager
  • Specialist in the data security

We invite you to study in the educational program "Cybersecurity in Water transportation infrastructure".

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