In honor of the United Nations Day, we take the change to think about the importance of peace and unification of global societies. As a permanent member of the UN, Ukraine has always demonstrated unwavering commitment to peace and cooperation with all progressive states globally, making every possible effort to prevent conflicts.

Sea transport enables over 80% of global trade, inherently relying on proactive international cooperation. Odesa National Maritime University annually welcomes students from 60+ countries across the globe to Bachelor's and Master's programs in the field of maritime affairs. We strive to provide the best maritime education, covering all domains of this diverse field, and invite to contribute to research that significantly affects the development of the maritime sector of the Ukrainian economy.

Besides studying in an international environment, our students live, learn and develop in an intercultural setting, actively practicing core principles of the United Nations. Having more than 90 years history of training maritime transport specialists for 84 countries and territories globally, Odesa National Maritime University is a significant lever for real change in the world, promoting sustainable development in our top-grade maritime education, research and advanced training programs.

We are proud to represent our great and courageous State as a member of the UN in the global maritime community. In future, we will continue developing cooperation with educational institutions of the UN member states to ensure the highest quality of education for tomorrow's maritime leaders

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